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Quilts in the Village

DMRC hosted the first annual Quilts in the Village quilt show on September 24, 2016. The first of its kind in Mantua, it was a huge success! The show was held at the historic Hilltop Christian Church on Prospect Street. There were 61 entries and several quilts and handcrafted items designated for display only. Quilts were displayed draped over the pews in the church and it was a beautiful sight. Quilts displayed dated from 1908 to the present. Local artists displayed quilts and other handcrafted items as well as entries from surrounding areas including Girard, Sagamore Hills, Hudson, Hiram, Garrettsville and others. The show was well received by residents of Mantua and the surrounding area with over 100 attendees.

Download the 2018 Quilts in the Village brochure/application here.

Quilts in the VillageQuilts in the Village
The Mantua Village Garden Club held a High Tea in the Fellowship Hall of the Church which provided a classy, pleasant visit, as well as a respite, for many of the attendees. We anticipate that the Tea will be a regular feature of the Quilt Show.

Quilts in the Village
Quilts in the Village will be an annual event and is next scheduled for May 5, 2018 from 10 AM to 5 PM at the Hilltop Christian Church in Mantua Village. Look for an entry form on this website coming soon.

Reverse Raffle

The Reverse Raffle, held yearly in the spring months, is a popular and successful fundraiser for Mantua Revitalization. Always held at the Sentinel Hall ( Mantua K or C Hall), the annual event features the “Big Board” where attendees watch and wait as 100 numbers are eliminated one at a time until the winner wins all—unless the last few negotiate a share of the thousand dollar prize. Winning prizes and cash is not exclusive to the Big Board. Attendees can purchase numbers on Sideboards, Bingo cards, and the 50/50 raffle or win baskets and gifts during the drawing. Last year we added a silent auction.

Tickets are $100 per couple and only 100 are sold. A purchase of a ticket enters the ticket holders to the Big Board, an open bar and a delicious buffet with appetizers and dinner. Tickets may be purchased from any Downtown Mantua Revitalization Board member or officer or you can leave a message of your desire to purchase a ticket using the CONTACT US tab and someone will contact you.

This year’s event is scheduled for APRIL 7, 2018 at the Sentinel Party Center in the K of C Hall. Tickets will go on sale in February.

Tickets may be purchased through any Downtown Mantua Revitalization member or leave us a message through CONTACT US.

Reverse RaffleReverse Raffle


Created featuring thirteen winning photographs from the Art on the Hill Photo Calendar Contest, the Downtown Mantua Revitalization 2017 calendar was an outstanding success. Contestants entered photos illustrating the theme Views of a Vintage Village and the thirteen photos were chosen by Officers and Board members of DMRC.

The DMRC Calendar will become an annual fund raiser for Mantua Revitalization. The theme for 2017 contest will be IMAGINING MANTUA. Again we are asking for interested photographers to take photos of Mantua Village to picture the architecture, historic aspects, the natural beauty and events of our village throughout the seasonal changes of the year. Photos should be entered in our Art on the Hill Photo Contest in July. See PHOTO CONTEST under Events/Art on the Hill on this website for more information.

Look for sales of the DMRC 2018 Calendar e to begin in the fall of 2017.

Calendars will be able to be purchased at Jake’s market and Advanced Rehabilitation. We will have also a form on this page to order the calendar.

Arts and Ale

Patrick and Carrie Frost, owners of Frost Glass, annually hold a sale of their glassware at their studio on High Street in Mantua along with an ale tasting opportunity. A percentage of their profits from the event is donated to Mantua Revitalization’s Small Business Encouragement Fund—ME2, which makes small grants of money available to businesses in Mantua for development projects. Arts & Ales is held in November. Watch for the Date.

Arts and AleArts and Ale